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Socks design and fabric technology selection

2021-09-10 14:37:43

With the development of social economy and the improvement of consumption concepts, consumers' demand for socks products has increased. Socks products have also begun to keep up with the general trend of the environment, and will gradually develop branding, service-oriented, personalized, functional, and trend-oriented development. Aesthetic point of view has also become trendy and fashionable. Individualized design is paid more and more attention. The socks that inadvertently expose ankles can be used by others to see your taste and personality. Nowadays, socks are no longer just simple warm products but an important part of clothing, a display carrier that reflects fashion trends, individual values ​​and personal tastes.

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Jixingfeng today teaches you how to choose socks from fabric technology, design pattern, and collocation

Fabrics and craftsmanship

The quality of the raw materials directly determines the soul of the socks. Compared with ordinary cotton socks, socks made of combed cotton are more flexible, breathable, comfortable and not stuffy. At the mouth of the sock, choose Lycra elastic, which is specially reinforced and does not deform, and is comfortable to wear to avoid the embarrassment of slipping.

The excellent comfort of the socks is inseparable from the meticulous processing in the craftsmanship. The toe of the sock is sewn by hand. Compared with the machine sew, sewn by hand the stitched bones of the toe are not raised, so that you can not feel the traces of the stitches after you get on the foot, and there is no feeling of friction when wearing, and it is more fit and comfortable.

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Design and layout

Socks design must first understand the product, know which design can be realized, which can not be realized. In the design, most designers will encounter a problem. The designed manuscript cannot be realized by the machine or the color wiring cannot meet the expectations, and the process cannot be realized.
The design should pay attention to:
1. Socks design needs to pay attention to the color control within 7 kinds, otherwise the machine can't do it。
2. Unless it is printing, be careful not to use gradient colors when designing.
3. The same horizontal line position color cannot exceed 5 kinds.
Socks have the effect of modifying the legs, so choose the right version. Some socks cover all sizes for men, women, older children and children. There are often three styles of long tube, medium tube and short tube to choose from. They are suitable for couples socks , Parent-child socks. You can choose suitable socks according to your leg shape.

Match with

1. Match with the color of the clothes
*The top can be in the same color as the sock, or with elements of the same color as the sock, and the lower body can be black.
*A pair of dark, long-legged cotton socks can be matched with straight-leg pants, flared pants, woolen trousers, and various styles of skirts.

2. Matching with different shoes
*Casual sneakers in black, white and gray with brightly colored socks. Shoes and socks are color matching, or embellish each other in tone, which is more unique and eye-catching.
*The combination of sneakers and striped socks best reflects the sporty style, and the girly feel is also doubled.
*Dark stockings can be paired with cloth shoes, or low-top or high-top leather shoes. It is a perfect match with dark shoes.

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