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Socks Toy Story –Snake, dolls

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-18

With socks turned all kinds of toys, both economic and good to do, and quickly wash the old socks can not wear, ready to start, even the new socks, buy a pair to buy a doll, do not feel bad. In fact, do not look at our socks humble, it transforms a variety of toys, daily necessities can be more patterns, and production is also very simple.

1.    Snake:

The winter stockings, filled into the cotton, paste the eyes is a snake, and all right time, you can also let the child holding it Chuichui back. Those single socks, put them together, can also be a greedy snake.

2.    Dolls:

Not only can produce dolls, you can also make doll dress. Do not need to sew, the socks back, according to the doll's body cut the collar and cuffs, directly set in the doll's body on it.


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