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In order to trend, men began to wear tights ???

Sandy 2016-11-18 10:33:30

See the title, you scared it? Men began to wear tights to go out, this does not violate national laws, of course, does not violate social and public morality. But this does not mean that people can eliminate the bias for men to wear stockings and resentment.

Here to wear pantyhose, not wearing a pair of tights to go out directly, but outside the pantyhose put on men's shorts, exposing the lower leg. Now many tide men, are the Fan, looks cool. In the streets of a survey, there are several types of pantyhose for men to the point of view.

1. does not matter, the men do not wear pantyhose legs, they did not pay attention to, do not wear their thing, as long as they happy enough, and he has nothing to do.

2. abnormal. To see men wearing pantyhose feel very incomprehensible, more exaggerated would think that this person has a nerve problem.

3. I like it very much. Men wearing pantyhose legs will cover the hairy, you can increase the legs of the beautiful.

These three views represent the views of the public, but no matter what, no one will interfere with the freedom of a man wearing tights.


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