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Modern high quality "MAMBA" running and basketball socks

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-19

Today, according to people's wear and collocation preferences, socks changed the traditional production process, in terms of fabric, color, style and so on, have undergone a dramatic change. Especially now, more and more people started running, riding, walking, etc., the requirements of the socks is to raise a level.

1.    Running socks

"MAMBA" sports socks is characterized by moisture perspiration, and deodorant, comfortable and dry top elastic telescopic function. Whether it is intense exercise, long-distance jogging, or golf, mountain climbing, the first feeling is "so soft, good touch", the movement will find "good wrapping, a step on the feeling of cotton."

2.Basketball socks

Outdoor sports indispensable ball games, "MAMBA" basketball socks, customized for your basketball game. The bottom of the soles of the feet using a special grasping hair thickening process, not only more comfortable to wear soft, dry cushion, but also in the movement play a role in shock absorption.


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