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Socks Toy Story –Handmade doll

Kobe Yin 2016-11-19 15:29:44
With socks turned all kinds of toys, both economic and good to do, and quickly wash the old socks can not wear, ready to start, even the new socks, buy a pair to buy a doll, do not feel bad. In fact, do not look at our socks humble, it transforms a variety of toys, daily necessities can be more patterns, and production is also very simple. 

These socks can not just dolls to make dolls, you can also do a variety of toys to play baby. 

Winter wear stockings, can be set in the hands of doll dolls used to do the game. 

1. Making hand puppets, only 1 socks on it, you can use latex, so that their own design and decoration, hand doll head. 

2. You can give dolls with animated characters, small animals for the production of a variety of reference hand, you can also put their jewelry out to do doll doll decoration. 

3. Do a good hand even when the sofa back home when the stage, the baby can be set in the hands and small partners play "hand even drama."