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Socks Health Tips

Kobe Yin 2016-10-19 17:27:00

Elderly people wear socks, do not be too tight.

Many old people in order to prevent the socks fall, prefer to wear some tight socks. And ankle even appear the red mark ,which is very detrimental to health. Ankle is an important juncture feet blood circulation, if the socks are too tight, this will lead to the venous blood back into the heart of stasis in the vicinity of the ankle, the heart burden, long down will lead to high blood pressure.

Choosing the wrong socks can be hazardous to your health.If your socks appear the following three cases, you can not wear it.

1.  Loss of elasticity:  Socks lose elasticity, it will increase friction with the feet, walking or exercise is not posted feet. If you sweat, there will be a sense of sliding, it is easy to hurt.

2.  Heel thinning, have holes:  Socks to wear for a long time will inevitably thin, it will also lead to heel injury or blistering.

3.  Wear uncomfortable:  Feet are tight, itching, obvious signs of discomfort,  the socks inappropriate.

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