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Wash socks put vinegar will not be stiff

Kobe Yin 2016-10-20 19:31:23

Smelly socks, white socks, the total wash is not clean, how do?

Vinegar can remove socks odor. Vinegar vinegar can be removed the main component of acetic acid, with the role of clean sterilization, but also can remove the acid smell, is a natural cleaning agent. Washing socks, the first drop of two drops of white vinegar, and then soak for a while and then clean. Vinegar can enter the depths of fiber socks, thorough cleaning, while sterilization to the socks. Vinegar or natural softener, can prevent the socks hard, compaction. Sub-smell.

Wash the white socks with rice washing water. Commonly used Taomi water immersion white socks, not easy to yellow. If the socks have been yellow, how to wash are not clean, you can soak in the laundry detergent solution with bleaching powder, the socks into the bubble for 20 minutes, then clean. Use this method, be sure to pay attention to red several times in order to reduce the chemical residue.


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