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Should the color of the socks follow the color of the clothes or the color of the shoes?

2021-09-30 11:48:16

Today, when beauty and comfort are equally important, in addition to the thickness and material of the socks, the style and color of the socks are also often considered. There are many styles of socks in the market to choose from, but there is another thing that often makes us entangled: that is-how should the color of the socks be chosen?

When the color of clothes and shoes are different, should the color of the socks follow the color of the clothes or the color of the shoes? Can white socks only match white clothes? Which one is better, black stockings or flesh-colored stockings?

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The following are some matching rules for socks color, see if it is more reasonable!

1. White sports socks should be selected with sports shorts or trousers and sports shoes.

2. With white trousers, you should choose white socks (thin style).

3. With blue jeans, you should choose navy blue or gray socks.

4. Black socks should be chosen with black jeans.

5. With black trousers, you should choose black socks.

6. With brown trousers, dark brown socks should be chosen.

7. With gray trousers, you should choose black or gray socks.

8. Match with short skirt: choose socks that suit the color of the shoes or skirt. The styling from head to toe should be integrated, so generally speaking, it is the safest to ensure that it matches with the shoes.

9. Red, green, or other colors of trousers: Generally speaking, socks should match or complement the trousers. If you are stumped, gray is usually a safe choice.

10. Pair with golf long trousers or pants with bold prints: Choose neutral color socks that match one of the colors on the pants.

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If you think the above color matching is too fine, it is not easy to remember. Then follow the three little rules below to basically hold all the color problems.

1. White socks are the standard choice for sportswear. White socks should never be matched with a suit unless the suit and shoes are also white.

2. Stockings: choose black, or the color that matches the whole. Usually commensurate with shoes.

3. Socks: Should be commensurate with pants or skirts.

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In particular, although the flesh-colored stockings are traditional colors, they have a strong sense of swelling visually, especially when worn in autumn and winter, they look cheap and old-fashioned. Therefore, the color of the stockings is black first, followed by the color that matches the whole.

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