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How to DIY tie-dye socks

2021-09-29 11:07:51

What should I do if I can't buy my favorite socks pattern? Then prepare your own pad dyeing paint DIY!

Main materials: blank socks, tie-dye paint
Tools needed: spray bottle, rubber band

Production steps:

1. Wash the socks before choosing clean white cotton socks for tie-dyeing.The combination of cotton and dye is the strongest, so you should choose socks with a cotton content of more than 80%. Spandex and polyester fibers cannot be dyed. Only use white socks to dye the most vivid and pure colors.

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2. Mix baking soda and water together. Pour about 180 ml of baking soda and 4 warm water into a large bucket and mix. Soda ash or sodium carbonate is a dye fixing agent, which can ensure a firm bond between the dye and the cloth. Although not all dyes require the use of baking soda for effective dyeing, most dyes require it.

Note: Soda ash is very corrosive and you must handle it with gloves. In addition, do not let children and pets come into contact with the baking soda solution.

3. Soak the socks: soak the socks in the solution for at least 5 minutes. The length of soaking time may affect the fastness of the combination of dye and cotton fiber, or it may have no effect. But don't just dip the sock in the solution, at least soak it for a while. After soaking, remove the socks from the solution and wring them out.

4. Tie up the socks, Use a rubber band to tie the sock several knots so that a pattern will be formed when dyeing,Tie the knot according to the picture you want.

5. Dyeing: spray the dye onto the socks with a squeeze bottle,You should spray the dye on the fabric around the rubber band so that the tie-dye pattern can take shape. When dyeing, try not to leave too many uncolored blank spaces between different colors.
If you choose dip dyeing, just put the socks in a basin filled with dye and soak for 1 to 20 minutes. If you are dyeing multiple colors, soak only a small portion of the socks at a time.

6. Put the socks in a plastic bag, seal the socks in a sealed plastic bag, and leave them in a warm place for about 24 hours.
If the weather is sunny and warm, you can put the socks in direct sunlight to let the dye solidify. In the colder season, you should put your socks in a warm place indoors. Make sure that the place where you put the socks is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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7. Take out the socks from the plastic bag, remove the rubber bands, Rinse the socks with warm tap water until the running water is clear again. Then wash with hot water and ordinary laundry detergent.

Tie-dye socks are not only fun, but also very simple. Although the whole family can have fun from it, dyes can stain clothes, skin and other surfaces, and certain chemicals can irritate the skin. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to have adult supervision. Wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from being dyed by dyes.