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Should the baby wear socks when sleeping?

Kobe Yin 2019-03-19 11:30:37
Since then, parents have been controversial about whether to wear socks for their baby. Now that the spring is coming, the weather is gradually warming up. Everyone who loves the child is eager to talk about whether or not to wear socks for the baby.

Square: warm feet help your baby's sleep, you should wear socks for your baby.

There has been an old saying since ancient times, "He is cold and hot." The baby's feet are the most vulnerable parts. When sleeping at night, the baby likes to kick the quilt. When the baby accidentally shows up, the weather is gradually warming up, but the temperature difference between day and night is still very large, so sleep at night. It is best to put socks on your baby to prevent it from catching cold.

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Counterparty: Socks are a bondage for the baby, and wearing socks for the baby affects sleep.

Many parents like to wear socks when they sleep, but how do you not wear socks when you sleep? Obviously, it is uncomfortable to sleep in socks. Parents must learn to think, push and others. Sleeping in socks, the baby always likes to kick, cry, want to get rid of the socks on the feet. Therefore, we think that when you sleep, you should not wear socks for your baby. The restraint on your feet is not only bad for blood circulation, but also affects your baby's sleep quality.

Summary: Whether to wear socks for your baby depends on the situation. The decision is based on the parents. If the baby sleeps more honestly, parents can consider not wearing socks, but for sleeping babies who like to quilt at night, it is best to wear socks to avoid catching cold.

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