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Do you need to wear socks when you wear spike shoes?

Kobe Yin 2019-03-16 09:39:22
1. Do you need to wear socks when you wear spike shoes?

Nail shoes are the shoes that many people prefer when running. So, do you wear socks when you wear nail shoes? In this regard, everyone has their own opinions. It is recommended to try it for yourself. However, athletes do not wear socks when they wear spike shoes. Nail shoes are worn because of its anti-slip, abrasion resistance, high resilience and strong grip. Wearing socks is to keep warm, sweat, odor, and aesthetics. Therefore, wearing socks during exercise will reduce the friction between the shoes and the nail shoes, which is the advantage of the nail shoes slipping and gripping, and the running back is small, and it is not fast. In addition, the weight of the foot is also increased. Athletes don't wear socks for speed.

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2. daily exercise can wear spikes?

Personally, don't wear nail shoes when running, there are occasions for nail shoes. The spikes used in plastic track are to prevent the foot from slipping during the game. Usually, there is no such intense situation in exercise, or wear a pair. The exercise shoes, the soles are a little elastic enough. If the general dirt road or road spikes can not be worn.

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3. Why do you wear spikes faster?

It is one of the sports running shoes. It is specially used for sports competitions and has the advantages of wear resistance, high resilience, high quality and good price. We know that sports competition is a contest of strength, speed, endurance and other comprehensive conditions of the human body. Every athlete wants to run fast and jump high, but if you want to achieve this, you must have enough elasticity and explosive power. If you wear nail shoes to run, the nail will enter the runway when you are squatting, etc. When the leg is stepping, the nail can be easily pulled out. In this way, the athlete no longer slips when he is on the ground, and with the reaction force of the depression, he can accumulate more power, and it is easy to run faster or jump further. The friction of the sole of the ordinary shoe is small, it is easy to slip, the center of gravity is unstable, and more importantly, the strength of the ground is small, and its effect is not enough compared with the nail shoe.

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