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The sock's function 2

Kobe Yin 2019-03-12 15:13:15
3. Cushion friction

Everyone has experience, so sports socks are often very thick. Here we can think of a corollary: If the socks are too thin when wearing leather shoes, it is generally not comfortable. In fact, in the design and manufacture of socks, there are many small details that are conducive to buffering friction, which deserve our attention.

For example, at the seam of the toe, there is a process called “hand-to-eye”, so that there is no inward or outward bulge at the joint, and it will not wear the foot in the narrow-skinned shoes; for example, “right angle connection”— - The turn at the ankle is not the usual 120° but 90°, which is more suitable for the natural angle of the ankle; for example, some socks are worn in the shoes, the heel is easy to fall off, and some socks are specially set with soft rubber damping. . These details can significantly increase the manufacturing cost in the actual operation of the factory, but it can really improve the comfort when worn.

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4. Deodorization

Foot odor is caused by sweaty glands in the foot and easy to sweat. This causes the bacteria on the feet to multiply and break down the keratin protein, together with the urea and lactic acid in the sweat, which will give off an odor. In general, natural materials have better deodorizing effects, but for polyester fibers, the effect is not satisfactory. This is because the latter is poor in gas permeability, does not absorb sweat, and is easily caused by microorganisms such as bacteria.

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In terms of deodorization, the best effect is the use of socks made of nano silver. Silver ions can effectively affect the growth, reproduction and death of bacteria, while inhibiting bacteria. The emergence of nanotechnology has made silver more bactericidal in the nano state. Therefore, nano-silver material has become an important selection indicator for odor-resistant socks.