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Should babies wear thick socks in winter?

2020-12-23 18:12:40

The body of a baby is very different from that of an adult. Thick socks do not meet the growth characteristics of the baby, and may affect the child's development!

Baby's feet sweat a lot, thick socks aggravate sweaty feet

Little babies are "sweat feet" because children are in a period of vigorous physical development and have a high basal metabolic rate, but the feet are where the sweat glands are most dense. Therefore, after the baby is strenuously exercising and walking for a long time, foot sweat will be particularly many. Even in winter, the baby's socks are wet. Thick socks are not breathable and will only increase the sweat of the feet. The baby's feet are very likely to get beriberi or foot infections. If you don't perspire in time in winter, you may get frostbite. Little babies are "pure yang bodies" with strong firepower. As long as they are not in an icy and snowy environment, a piece of cotton socks of moderate thickness is enough to meet TA's basic warmth requirements.(0-6 months socks manufacturer)

Thick socks do not absorb sweat, sweating makes it easier to catch a cold

Thick socks will increase foot sweat, but they do not absorb sweat. They are easy to get wet. A large amount of moisture will squeeze out the air in the socks fibers. Due to the lack of air, an excellent heat insulator, when the socks are wet, they will make the baby's feet Chills, reflexively cause a decrease in the resistance of the respiratory tract and catch a cold. Thick socks will cause the baby's feet to be tightly wrapped, and too tightly wrapped in footwear and socks will also affect the blood circulation of the steps, which is also the reason why the body does not feel warm.(newborn sock price in china)

Thick socks change baby's walking posture and affect leg shape

Little babies don’t have heels, and thick socks are easy to slide down and shift. When the baby walks, the heel position slips to the sole of the foot. When the baby starts to learn to walk, if the soles are not flat, it will seriously affect the baby's arch development and walking posture, and even affect the baby's leg shape. Imagine that a baby wears sliding socks, and his feet will stick to the ground while walking, and the posture is very awkward.

New socks cannot be worn directly, Many parents will put the newly bought socks directly on the baby. This is also wrong. (customized baby socks gift set China)The newly purchased socks should be turned over and all the threads inside are cut to prevent the thread from getting around the toes and causing ischemia or even necrosis.

Look at the front and heel before buying socks. The joint of the toe part of the socks is the seam. If the seam is not good, the feet are easy to wear. The baby is very mobile, so choose a good heel socks. After the baby wears it, even if it does not stop moving Will not shift, very heel-to-foot and comfortable.

If you find that the socks have lost their elasticity, the heels have become thin, there are holes, and there are obvious strangulations on the feet, they must be eliminated in time.