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Introduction of JI XING FENG Pure Cotton Children Socks

2020-12-25 09:45:09

Many mothers are worried about how to choose socks for their children. Today, I will introduce our JI XING FENG children's socks. (custom children sock manufacturer China) pure cotton is light and has deodorant function, comfortable, breathable and odorless, pure cotton men/ Girls' socks are lightweight, deodorant and warm, which meet the needs of mothers.

Kids hosiery wholesales, various styles of socks, specially designed for male and female babies, a variety of styles and colors can be personalized for children, matching different shoes and clothes colors will be very beautiful, and the color matching is also cute and diverse, not only It can make mothers no longer have to worry about the color matching of the children's shoes and clothes, and it can also satisfy the children's preferences.

Soft and comfortable, strong breathability

I believe that many mothers will worry about the air permeability when they buy socks. If the air permeability of the socks is poor, it will lead to non-absorbent and sultry conditions and produce peculiar smells. At the same time, it will cause damage to the baby’s skin and comfort during activities. Will be greatly reduced.
Friends who often walk will know that the comfort of footwear and socks is very important. If the air permeability of the socks is not good, it may make the feet stuffy and itchy small bumps, which will cause athlete's foot after a long time. The skin can also cause abrasion. So whether the material of the socks is soft and breathable is very important.

Excellent material, pure cotton texture

Our socks are made of high-quality cotton yarn with an appropriate amount of elastic fiber. Its composition contains 70%-80% cotton, 17% elastic fiber and 3% other. (wholesales kids sock price)
There are many non-cotton socks on the market, which have very poor elasticity and will have a hard feeling when worn, and will stick to the feet easily if worn for a long time, which is particularly uncomfortable. This will greatly affect the comfort of walking and activities, and cause great damage to the feet.

The child’s door is at the age of development. A pair of good socks and a pair of comfortable shoes are very important to the growth and health of children. The material of this socks is made of high-quality cotton yarn and has elastic fibers. It is very elastic when worn. The feet are restrained, and they will feel breathable and light when they are active, and they will also absorb sweat, which is more conducive to the health of the baby's skin.