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Seven days deodorant socks

Kobe Yin 2016-11-23 14:43:35

1. The use of high-quality combed cotton, soft fabric, fine ball can not afford good ventilation. Breathable mesh and waist design allows your feet in a comfortable relaxed state. Soft nylon covered yarn. Plus silver ions antimicrobial deodorant guardian. With the activation of cells, purify the blood, improve foot microcirculation, relieve fatigue, inhibit bacterial reproduction to reduce odor, smell and deterioration of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. To ensure that the foot is cool and effective ventilation to prevent itching between the toes. And for the foot, foot crack, smelly, long-term movement of the crowd.

2. The use of high-quality combed cotton with nylon covered yarn. Ensure that your feet quickly absorb moisture perspiration. Advanced anti-bacterial technology allows you to get the best foot care.

3. Socks mouth: high-quality combed cotton with Lycra like ribs do not Lezuo, not tight, good contraction.

4. Socks heel: socks with the reinforcement treatment wear is not easy to wear. Relieve the heel friction.

5. Sock head: the use of advanced machines without suture. More smooth, not slightly feet, not easy to break, wear comfortable wear.


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