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Socks Toy Story –Pet toys

Kobe Yin 2016-11-23 13:40:35

With socks turned all kinds of toys, both economic and good to do, and quickly wash the old socks can not wear, ready to start, even the new socks, buy a pair to buy a doll, do not feel bad. In fact, do not look at our socks humble, it transforms a variety of toys, daily necessities can be more patterns, and production is also very simple.

These small socks not only transformed into toys, can also be transformed into a variety of daily necessities. In addition to these small objects of life, we can also give the family pets do toys to play.

1. Dogs are curious heavy, always like to bite things, girls can put the tennis ball into the socks brought to the dog to play with bite and then do not have to bring the new furniture to ruin. Distressed tennis, plastic bottles can also be put into the socks.

2. There are also toys to the kitten, the socks made of bird shape, plug in the feathers is a funny cat. Hanging on the rope, you can play with the cat.

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