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Socks world history

Kobe Yin 2016-11-24 15:50:13

Socks, a kind of wear in the feet of the clothing supplies, play a role in protecting the feet and beautify the feet. Ancient Roman city women in the feet and legs wrapped around a thin belt, this leggings is the most primitive socks. Until the middle of the Middle Ages, in Europe also began to popular this "socks", but with a cloth instead of a thin tape. In the 16th century, the Spaniards began to separate the pantyhose and trousers and began to knit socks.

British William Lee to his wife engaged in hand-knitting to cause him to knitting machinery research, in 1589 invented the world's first hand-knitting machine for the production of pants. 1598 and can be converted into a more fine silk stockings knitting machine.

Soon, the French Fournier in Lyon began to produce stockings. Until the mid-17th century began to produce cotton socks. In 1938 the United States DuPont invented nylon, the same year the first nylon socks on the market, from the socks market has undergone a complete change, nylon stockings by people of all ages, all the rage. European popular late, until 1945, the first batch of nylon stockings was officially available.

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