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Selection and cleaning of baby socks

2020-12-02 13:59:10

Putting socks on your baby at ordinary times can protect your baby's feet, avoid skin damage due to friction on the ground, and keep your feet clean. However, don't forget the precautions for babies to wear socks.

1. New socks cannot be worn directly

Young parents don’t ignore the smoothness of the inside of the socks. The socks you bought should be turned over and cut off all the threads inside to prevent the threads from wrapping around the toes and causing ischemia and even necrosis.

2. Babies who can't walk also need to wear socks

If a baby does not wear socks, his feet are prone to catch colds and catch a cold. They are also prone to kicking because of their feet, which can damage their feet. Wearing socks can reduce damage and prevent mosquito bites.

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3. Babies also need to wear socks in summer

Choose styles for your children according to the climate of the four seasons. Thicken in winter, light and thin in summer, and breathable in autumn. In the hot summer, the indoor air-conditioning is turned on. The baby likes to walk barefoot on the floor. It is easy to catch a cold without wearing socks. In addition, let the baby barefoot, if not properly protected, it is easy to cause small feet injury.

4. There are many types of socks, parents should choose carefully

In the cold winter, you can wear woolen socks for your baby. Be careful not to choose socks that contain acrylic material, which can contain a small amount of Lycra, but the main ingredients must also be cotton and wool.

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5. When baby socks are used for a period of time, they need to be replaced

When the mother finds that the socks have lost elasticity, the heels have become thin, there are holes, and there are obvious strangulations on the feet, it means that the socks should be eliminated.

6, you need to pay attention to these when buying baby socks

One is to prefer light colors. The brighter the color, the more chemical components are added. The second is to choose the ones with less thread ends. You can turn the socks over. If you find that there are a lot of thread ends, it is best not to buy them, especially the threads formed by many jacquards, which are easy to pull the baby. Third, do not pick socks that are too tight and too long. This is because the baby does not have an ankle, and the calf is also very stubby. The socks are elastic and have a wider mouth, so that they can be easily stretched and will not be strangled at the baby's ankle.

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How to clean baby socks

Even if the baby does not sweat and the socks do not look dirty, parents should change the baby's socks every day.
The baby's socks should be washed separately and should not be mixed with the adult's things. There are bacteria on the adult's clothing, which may be transmitted to the baby.
After washing your baby’s socks, it’s best to dry them in the sun. If it is winter without sunlight, you can choose to use high-temperature disinfection to reduce the fungus on your children.

It is best not to wash baby's socks with detergent, because the residue will cause irritation to the baby's skin, so baby laundry detergent is more appropriate.