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Is there any difference between football socks and compression socks?

2020-12-07 18:03:14

The tube of the football socks is below the knee, which can completely wrap the calf, protect the calf of the player, and make the muscles of the leg tighten and exert more concentrated force. Good football socks should have a certain degree of elasticity, and the towel bottom design can reduce friction and improve comfort. Because the tibia is easy to fracture in a severe impact, it is necessary to add a leg shield to install a leg shield.

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The colors of the socks of the players of the two teams on the field are generally different, so players can more easily distinguish between opponents and friends in a melee; it is convenient for the referee to distinguish the legs of the two players and improve the accuracy of the penalty!

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Football socks are generally not made of pure cotton. Pure cotton socks are really comfortable to wear. However, if a lot of sweating, it will cause discomfort on the feet, and may even wear the skin of the feet. blister. Generally use breathable fabrics, with anti-slip particles at the bottom of the foot towel.

The function of compression stockings is to prevent lactic acid accumulation, prevent calf muscle strain, resist fatigue, and recover after exercise, effectively prevent varicose veins, and have a good effect on varicose veins caused by long-term sitting and standing. (medical compression socks wholesales) The material of the socks is generally composed of nylon and Lycra. The characteristics of nylon are non-slip and durable, reduce the wear and discomfort caused by high-intensity exercise, and prevent the generation of blisters. The sole has a fine diamond weave, which is more non-slip and wear-resistant. 500% of the fiber, mixed with other fibers can greatly improve the elasticity and extensibility of the bag, so that the muscle energy stockings can better fit the muscles, reduce the muscle burden, reach a certain compression value, and more effectively protect the calf muscles and Instant recovery of damage!