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Do you know the forming process of socks?

2020-12-08 15:10:16

Socks are shaped products, which are classified into cotton yarn socks, wool socks, silk socks and various chemical fiber socks according to their raw materials. According to the shape, there are many styles and varieties such as long socks, half socks and short socks, as well as flat mouth, rib mouth, heeled, non-heeled, jacquard, and woven flowers. How are these various socks produced?

Knit a sock in a complete shape,The knitting method and process are different due to the type of socks and the characteristics of the socks machine, and there are roughly the following forms.

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Three-step forming
The knitters knit socks on a single-cylinder hosiery machine. The socks are finished on the rib machine, and they can also be lined with elastic threads or spandex rib socks. Then transfer the sock crotch to the needle cylinder of the sock machine, and then knit the toe, heel, toe, reinforcement ring, toe, holding row and other sections. After getting off the machine, only the toe of the sock is open. Socks. In the future, it will be sewn by a sewing machine to make socks. Three kinds of machines are needed to knit a sock.

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Two-step forming 

Knitting plain socks on the sock folding machine can automatically start and fold to form a flat needle double-layer sock, and then sequentially knit each section of the sock. Another type of sock knitting machine can knit flat needle pad rubber or spandex false gusset on the sock machine. Other machines can also weave into single lugs, double lugs, etc., and then weave other sections after weaving. After these kinds of socks are off the machine, they are stitched into socks by a sewing machine. It only needs two machines to knit a sock.
The double-cylinder hosiery machine has two upper and lower needle cylinders. Ribbed sock mouth and sock blank sections can be knitted on the hosiery machine, but the stitching is still carried out after the machine is off. It also belongs to two-step forming.

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One-step forming 

The sock cuff is transferred to the needle cylinder and called "cuffing", and the sock cuff is sutured and called "seam head". These two processes are labor intensive, low production efficiency, and consume raw materials at the same time.
After technological innovation,China has developed a "single-pass fully automatic hosiery machine" with a unique style, so that the three processes of hosiery opening, hosiery and seaming are formed continuously on one hosiery machine.