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Make foot maintenance, you can live ten years more!

Kobe Yin 2017-09-30 14:36:28
How to do the foot maintenance

Now there are a lot of people like to do foot massage, because there are a lot of points on his foot, so the foot care for everybody's health is very important, don't know if you have heard the word, a foot, keeping in good health in the foot acupoint is very much, each point corresponding to the body every organ, so it is very important to maintain good foot.

So the foot maintenance  method you know?How do men maintain their feet? How do women maintain their feet? Let's introduce it to you.

Coup 4: fresh care
Waiting for all of the maintenance program to end, will be in the final stage, feet because long buried in shoes, inevitably produce some miscellaneous taste, at this time of spray and cool foot powder is the best choice, can also be sprayed some on weekdays in shoes, in order to eliminate peculiar smell.

Coup 5: don't just peel the skin off your feet
Maybe the feet are already dry, so there's a skin off, but never pull the skin, because it's a risk of infection and inflammation of the wound and cellular tissue.

Coup 6: the time after showering is the prime time for maintenance
When just wash good bath, skin is relatively soft, the pores more easily absorb the maintain article, then cutin moisture content is higher, the use of high oil maintain article strengthen protect wet, more can maintain the moist cutin layer, increase the soft, if use general cream or ointment to maintain the effect will be better than emulsion.
After daub, it is better to wrap the two feet with plastic wrap and put on socks. After 6 to 8 hours, whitening and moisturizing will be better!

Coup 7: don't wear heels and sandals for a long time
This kind of shoes make our foot had the pressure but also can't get good protection, for a long period of time wearing these shoes can make feet dry, so you'd better to choose breathable good shoes and socks, so can make your feet feel comfortable only beauty they know.

Conclusion: the foot is a very important part of the body, it bears the weight of our body, it will be also be tired after a long time, there will be a problem, and the foot acupuncture point is also very much, so we must learn to foot care.

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