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Don't wash your socks and underwear with a washing machine

Kobe Yin 2017-10-02 15:59:02
Washing machine has two parts easy to shelter evil people and practices: a washing machine is in cylinder and the outer cylinder sandwich, washing with water tank in the washer and drum the middle flow, long, scale, detergent free content, clothing fibers and dirt and impurities such as organic matter human body will stick on the wall, and gathered out of a layer of dense dirties, grow and become a hotbed of bacteria.The second is the sewage that is stored in the drain.

According to a sampling inspection data display:

The rate of the total bacterial population was 95.8%, and the target rate of the coliform group was 37.5%. The supertarget rate of the fungus was 45.8%, the rate of the mould was 60%, and some bacteria, such as pseudomonas aeruginosa, were detected.

Washing machines can wash our dirty clothes, but their own hygiene problems are less concerned.

Take a bath for the washing machine on time.

With a moderate amount of dedicated washing machine cleaner, add water to the high, stop running 5 minutes to make cleaner fully melting, if platen washing machine can be heated to over 40 ℃, it can make the cleaners work better.

Soaking, close washing machine power supply for 1 hour, then according to the normal wash wash the body form, and discharge water can see there are a lot of dirt particles, the best cleaning a month at a time.

Socks are the easiest to contain fungus, especially cotton low cut baby socks.And if washed in a washing machine, it will pollute the washing machine and its clothes.And the underwear is close-fitting, and once the microbial contamination in the washing machine can easily cause harm to the human body.

Develop scientific laundry habits.
The washing machine should be put in the place that is permeable, open and bright, after washing clothes, should open the cover to air a period of time, in order to increase water vapor volatilize, suppress the growth of harmful bacterium.

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