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If you don't pay attention to the foot maintenance, you may live ten years less!

Kobe Yin 2017-09-28 14:29:49
Some faces are like flowers, but the feet are on the long march, or you might think, is such a girl just not saved, no!Today I will give you seven tips to keep you from wearing shoes in spring and summer.

How to do the foot maintenance

Now there are a lot of people like to do foot massage, because there are a lot of points on his foot, so the foot care for everybody's health is very important, don't know if you have heard the word, a foot, keeping in good health in the foot acupoint is very much, each point corresponding to the body every organ, so it is very important to maintain good foot.

So the foot maintenance method you know?How do men maintain their feet? How do women maintain their feet? Let's introduce it to you.

Coup 1: bubble bath
Winter is the season of the most suitable for bubble bath, can try to inside bath crock put some fragrance and can promote the blood circulation of products, such as special essential oil or natural lemon slice, etc., to soften because winter and become thick, thick cuticle, can also achieve deodorization effect.

Coup 2: use small tools to assist in exfoliating
Buy some scrub, cutin frost, pumice, etc to go cutin, stay after bubble hot bath beautiful, use special foot foot cream, under the massage use of auxiliary tools can make cutin remove more convenient and more thoroughly.

Coup 3: nourishing
We can also use some have moist effect creams to massage your feet, to soften the feet and adjustable feet, thus promote the blood circulation, help to alleviate the pressure of the day for your feet.

Conclusion: the foot is a very important part of the body, it bears the weight of our body, it will be also be tired after a long time, there will be a problem, and the foot acupuncture point is also very much, so we must learn to foot care.

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