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How to wear socks for your baby?

  • Author:Kobe Yin
  • Release on :2016-11-01

Cotton baby socks:

Cotton baby socks is suitable for spring and autumn to wear. These socks texture thick and dense, comfortable and good.

Thin cotton socks:

Do not think that summer can let your baby barefoot. With hollow thin cotton socks to protect the delicate foot is also very necessary. Thin cotton socks should pay attention to the choice of color,.Generally do not choose dark color socks, because the baby sweating may lead to fade. Therefore, it is better to select a simple color of socks.

Anti slip baby socks:

This baby socks have non skid rubber on the bottom and suitable for 6-12 months of the baby. Because the baby's center of gravity during this period of instability, but like to learn to walk. It is easy to fall on a smooth floor, so it is necessary to wear anti-slip socks. General anti-slip socks to wear on the outside, it is best not to wear in the shoes.

How is it? Small socks tricks really a lot of !


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