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Does the baby need socks?

Kobe Yin 2016-11-01 16:49:11

Many mothers think such a small bean Ding, wear or don't wear socks are the same. And don't wear will be more comfortable.

Really so? Actually not, Baby really need a pair of socks.

Small baby's body temperature regulation function has not yet mature.So the ability to produce heat is weak,but the ability heat dissipation is strong. Sometimes you touch his little feet is cold, If wear socks, can be warm, avoid cold and baby will feel warm.

With the increase of age, baby’s ability also raised a lot. He is always moving, so the chance of scratching the skin and toe will increase. If you wear socks can reduce the incidence of these injuries.

In addition, put on socks can also keep clean,do not let dirty things come into direct contact with the skin.

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