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“MAMBA” Antibacterial Deodorant Sports Socks

Kobe Yin 2016-11-02 15:40:41

As we all know, silver is a safe and environmentally friendly natural fungicide, since ancient times has been widely used in the treatment of various infections. Then there is no possibility to wear silver on the body, made of an antibacterial clothes? Donghua University, led by Professor Zhu Meifang, brought together Donghua University materials, chemical, physical, chemical, textile, clothing, dyeing and mechanical and other multi-disciplinary backbone of researchers found that silver in the nano-state sterilization capacity can produce quality Of the leap, a very small amount of nano-silver can produce a strong bactericidal effect.


Thus, researchers and raw materials, fibers, clothing and other areas of well-known enterprises work together, which lasted two years, and finally developed into this special "nano-fabric", its special antibacterial ingredients can penetrate the cell wall, impede the metabolic benefit of bacteria Enzyme production, destruction of genetic factors, so that bacteria lose their biochemical and complete sterilization process.


This means that people with athlete's foot if wearing this special nano-fabric socks, even if the feet sweat, do not have to worry about emitting a smell.


In this principle, our company has independently developed “MAMBA” nano-silver cotton comfortable sports anti-bacterial socks, the product in the combed cotton on the basis of technology to achieve the sublimation, absorbing the excellent effect of combed cotton, the new addition of nano-silver strength Antibacterial effect.


The emergence of antimicrobial deodorant socks do improve the quality of life, and the production of nano-silver antibacterial socks, under normal circumstances, to consumers a layer of foot safety, when the nano-silver bamboo fiber socks come after, just like people Walking in the natural air, fresh comfort followed.


Climbing, running, playing, leisure, “MAMBA Socks” has become a lot of people intimate partner, it is recommended to the friends around.