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How to remove the peculiar smell of socks? How to avoid smelly socks?

2021-09-15 10:53:22

Socks are Supplies that are worn on the feet all year round, which can protect the feet well, but after wearing them for a long time, they will be prone to unpleasant odors, and they are also difficult to clean. The smell is unpleasant, and it can also cause foot problems such as foot odor and itchy feet. It is also very embarrassing to wear it out. So how to remove the smell on the socks?

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How to remove the smell of socks

1. You can wash the smelly socks with detergent. When the smell is not serious, use a little warm water and add a little vinegar to soak the clean socks in the vinegar water. This is not only It removes the odor and has the effect of sterilization.

2. Using Eau de Toilette skillfully, you can simply remove the odor in the shoes. This method is to first wash the socks with detergent, so that you can sprinkle some toilet water on it to remove the smell of Eau de Toilette. The smell, this method is very simple and practical.

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How to reduce the smell of socks in life

Pay attention to the cleanliness of shoes:

1. While washing your daily socks, put the shoes you have worn for a day in a dry place. When you put them in a dry place, you can also spray some Eau de Toilette inside so that they will not No matter what the residual smell is, it will be very comfortable to wear on the feet, and it will not cause athlete's foot for a long time.
2. Sprinkle the mothball powder evenly on the shoes, put the insole on it, a pair of shoes only needs about one mothball. In this way, the inside of the shoe can be kept dry and the smell of the shoe will disappear.

Pay attention to the deodorization of the shoe cabinet: the odor in the daily shoe cabinet should also be removed. You can use soap to remove the odor in the shoe cabinet. As long as you put a piece of soap in the shoe cabinet, you can easily remove the odor in the shoe cabinet.

If the smell of the socks cannot be removed using the above methods, it is recommended to replace the socks with new ones. It is best to change the socks once every 3 months. Even if the socks are not damaged, they should be replaced in time after wearing them for 3 months. For people with beriberi and other diseases, socks should be washed and changed frequently.

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