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How to maintain cotton socks daily?

2021-10-14 18:00:57

Cotton socks are made of cotton as the main ingredient, plus polyester, nylon, spandex and other fibers to increase the elasticity of the socks. Cotton socks are not only comfortable, but also absorbent and soft. They are the mainstream material of socks. Generally, it can be called pure cotton socks with a cotton content of about 75%. It is impossible for a pair of socks to be made entirely of cotton,Such socks are not elastic and will become loose after basically wearing them once. So how should we maintain cotton socks every day?

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Cotton socks cleaning and maintenance

1. Put the cotton socks in clean water and knead a few times without putting any scrubbing agent; then wring them out and apply the toothpaste to the dirtiest and most difficult to clean parts. Spread it evenly; then let it stand for at least 5 minutes, then When you come down, you can wash off the dust on the top with a pan-steak at your fingertips.

2. If the white cotton socks turn yellow, they can be soaked in detergent solution for 30 minutes and then washed.

3. Taomi Water: Taomi Water is a natural cleaner and detergent in the kitchen. Soak the dirty white cotton socks in the rice water for 20 minutes and then clean it. It will be very simple and clean.

4. Bleaching powder: Add bleaching powder to the washing powder solution, and then soak the white socks for 20 to 30 minutes before cleaning.

5. Ordinary cotton socks: Wash and change frequently. After replacing them, soak them in clean water for 2 hours, and then rub them with hot water, so that the dirt will simply fall off.

6. Do not wash socks with clothes, especially close-fitting clothing, because there are many bacteria on socks, so use scientific cleaning methods.

Sweating of the feet is a very common phenomenon. Pure cotton has very good sweat absorption and will bring a comfortable feeling to the feet. The advantages of pure cotton: soft and comfortable (necessary for sports), warmth, sweat absorption, no slippage of the soles and insoles of the shoes, health care, and proper maintenance, durable and durable.

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