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How to identify socks quality is good or bad?

Kobe Yin 2017-03-16 16:50:06
Identification method is as follows:

Good quality foreign trade socks veil ingredients mainly cotton, combed cotton, cotton clear, wool, rabbit-based, which are fine socks raw materials, cool summer breathable. Winter warm feet.

A: Needle to pick up a yarn inside the socks, pay attention to the elastic yarn that is, with a lighter, the taste is pungent plastic taste, and like the hair as the burning of the group, is a large chemical fiber Socks; burning up without a group, and there are dust falling, taste and burning paper, that is the cotton socks.

B: another cotton socks to wear a long time, the surface will be a layer of shedding, remember is a layer, the better cotton, the better the performance of sports socks more obvious. Do not look at this socks old also off, this is indeed good socks.

Imitation of foreign trade big chemical fiber socks trademark opposite the color of the paper card is gray, because these brands are extremely cheap, so manufacturers are not homes with your trademark packaging socks, and trademark rough work, soft and thin trademark, Indian print is also very simple. Export of foreign trade mark paper card is very thick and the back of paper card is pure white.

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