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Winter skirt to wear is not good, may be your pantyhose did not choose right (1)

Kobe Yin 2017-03-17 17:08:29
Think of the title of universal pantyhose, in this leggings flood season, if still only for as long as the beauty of grace, not the temperature, that is out.

Now the modern pure loved wearing it out concave shape, pantyhose exposed also show proof figure after all!

Pantyhose is particularly important to the quality of a material, looks low, not low, but also decided by it, also decided to wear comfortable uncomfortable, the high pressure of pantyhose to wear is particularly thin, but must pay attention to wear upper body can't too tight, one thousand in circulation of the blood does not have a problem!

Tights and one of the most deadly problem is off the fork!

In public, don't ask, don't take off, the girls should have experienced the feeling, really very embarrassed!

Decide a pantyhose is good, two is the most important, elastic waist and stockings.

In terms of elastic, I think the best solution to this problem is the "mousse velvet", this kind of material wear upper body not pressed a soft elastic is not off the fork.

About our socks, do not know to have a stomach is le into two Taoist niangs already and then wear tight money very embarrassing experience...

To our socks don't stomach, remember to buy the girls non-trace wide waist, break comfortable not meat.

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