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Socks shop how to display socks to attract the customer's eye

Kobe Yin 2017-03-13 17:02:26
When you are operating a socks shop, want to show through the socks to attract more customers, need to master the following four socks display skills:

First, with the display of socks, the color is the most important, generally this is the socks shop owners often use the method, therefore, generally in the socks with the style, socks style color is very important; for example, the general trend is dark Dark, but also learn to mix with the surrounding fashion color socks to make bright; therefore, in order to make the overall harmony, whether it is a positive display or side suspension, generally left shallow right deep, which is in line with the general people from left to right to see things habits.

Second, the socks of the type of display, the general will push the main socks merchandise or strong socks merchandise placed with the main wall, so that customers clear socks merchandise theme, especially some socks shop owner in front of the socks shop many people hung all kinds of All kinds of popular socks merchandise, they also like the special socks merchandise hanging in front of the socks shop in front; therefore, want customers to enter the socks shop, you need to push the main socks merchandise or strong socks goods hanging in the main wall on.

Third, the overall socks show the color points, generally in the socks shop on the same wall, the color is not the more the better, mainly some socks shop like the same color socks merchandise classified, in fact, so on the sale Can not play a very good role in promoting, therefore, the key is to use the color grouping; such as red and white with the classic, you can in a wall to this three-color-based color, echoes each other, Neat and clean.

Fourth, the socks show some placement method, in general, hanging socks merchandise must be kept clean, the general side of the hanging socks merchandise spacing should be between 7CM-9CM, while hanging socks merchandise size sequence should be from the back And the size from small to large, from outside to inside with the size from small to large.