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How to clean dirty white socks

2021-05-27 10:29:33

Many people like to wear white socks in their lives. White socks give people a refreshing feeling, so many people have a soft spot, but everyone knows that white socks are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. How do you clean white socks?

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Method 1

White socks are especially easy to get dirty. Your white socks have black dirt, so you can easily wash them as new as new by cleaning with toothpaste.

Soak the dirty socks in warm water without any detergent. Note that the water temperature does not need to be too high. You can feel the warmth when you put them in your hands. After soaking for a while, wring out, apply the toothpaste to the dirtiest and most difficult-to-clean areas, and apply evenly; after standing for at least 5 minutes, you can easily wash off the dirt on it with soap.

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Method 2

What if your white socks have yellow stains?

1. Add a bottle of cap 84 disinfectant to 600 ml of water to dilute. Rub the dyed socks in the mixed solution a few times, and the color of the dyed area will gradually fade. Soak for another 5 minutes, the effect will be better. Then rinse the socks with clean water, and the stained area has become white and clean.

2. Washing powder + soap: First soak in the washing powder for about 10 minutes, rub it with your hands and wash it several times, then rinse with water for 2 times, then apply soap on the white socks and soak for about 5 minutes (do not apply soap in water or water) , And then rub it vigorously and rinse it off with water.