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How to choose the right baby socks?

Kobe Yin 2016-12-16 16:52:18

1. Wide mouth socks

The best choice for wide mouth socks, baby skin tender, if the socks are too narrow socks to wear, easy to Lezhuo small feet, not only is not conducive to blood circulation, or even leave a Road mark printed.

2. Sutureless socks

Many socks have a thicker stitch at the seam line, this socks are generally known as "bone stockings." There are bone socks easy to rub the toes, especially not suitable for baby wearing, and no bone joints are artificial Sewn, socks head is flat, more conducive to baby wearing.

3. The right size

The size of small socks will not calcification of the baby's foot cartilage cross-tied and traction, easily lead to foot deformity and a variety of foot disease. If the size is too large, extra fiber will increase friction and damage the baby's skin, and easy So the best baby socks to buy when the amount of foot soles of the feet size, the actual length of the soles of the feet of the positive and negative 1 cm range is the absolute safety range.

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