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Your car needs socks, and why?

Kobe Yin 2016-12-17 14:38:40

Every year around the world will have the arrival of the rainy season, car owners have encountered such a problem: whenever the outside when the heavy rain, the car will be a foggy front windshield, particularly affecting the safety of traffic, how to solve this problem?

In fact, just put a pair of socks in the car will be able to get! You can also try, the method is very simple!

First, prepare a pair of socks. You can prepare new socks, you can also use the old socks, but remember to determine the old socks without holes.

There are cat litter. It is recommended to use silica crystal cat litter to enhance the water absorption.

After the material is ready, you can start loading the cat litter in the socks. In order to facilitate the filling, took a bunch of tape as a fixed sock mouth stent, to fill.

In the cat litter filled to seven or eight full, you can knot the socks.

Then take another sock wrapped in a cat litter socks, strengthen the coating.

Finally, the coated cat socks will be placed in the car. Can be placed on the car front panel, can also be placed under the seat.

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