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The common mistakes of baby socks

Kobe Yin 2016-12-14 15:47:24

1.100% cotton socks must be the best

Many mothers believe that baby clothes are cotton the best, but the fact is 100% cotton socks without elastic fiber spandex, so the socks comfort can be imagined why the same size socks suitable for tall and thin different The crowd wearing, because the socks with spandex, spandex elasticity not only ensure the socks do not lee and prevent the socks easy to fall off, thereby enhancing the overall comfort of socks.

2. Patterns the more the better the socks

A variety of woven socks on the market is very attractive to the eye, but the weaving socks are generally hidden within the many circular lint, easy to wrap around the baby's toes, and baby's foot bone are calcified cartilage, easily deformed, Foot epidermal keratosis thin, muscle moisture, it is vulnerable to injury and infection.So, the baby's socks are generally simple as well.

3. Summer baby does not need to wear socks

Hot summer, many mothers think the weather does not need to heat the baby to wear socks, but sleep or indoor air conditioning, the baby does not wear socks is very susceptible to the wind cold, and may even lead to diarrhea.So wear socks is very important. Socks is equivalent to adding a barrier to the baby's delicate skin layer of foot protection.

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