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How to choose antibacterial and deodorant socks?

2021-10-30 16:23:11

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are paying more and more attention to topics such as health care, health preservation, and health. Socks are clothes that we can't live without all the year round. Nowadays, many people have foot sweat problems that cause bacteria to produce and foot odor. It is necessary to choose a comfortable antibacterial socks. So how should I choose antibacterial socks?

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1. Size selection: The size specification of socks is based on the size of the bottom of the socks (referring to the part from the heel to the toe of the socks) as the standard. The general size is indicated on the trademark. It is better to choose an equal or slightly larger size according to the length of the foot, not a smaller one.

2. Generally, first-class products are used, and second- and third-class products can also be selected when the requirements are not high.

3. Identification of regular products and miscellaneous inferior products: The large-scale hosiery factory has advanced equipment, stable technology, and good selection of raw materials. Through various procedures, the quality is stable. It is shown in appearance. The fabric has uniform density, thick, pure color, and stereotypes. Well, there is a formal trademark. Miscellaneous inferior products are mostly due to simple equipment, manual operation, poor selection of raw materials, thin and uneven fabrics, low density, less color and luster, many defects, poor molding, and no formal trademarks.

4. What kind of socks prevent foot odor?

1) Socks made of bamboo fiber. Socks made of bamboo fiber are made of natural bamboo as raw material, made into bamboo pulp by high-tech methods, and spun into yarn to make socks. Bamboo fiber socks are breathable and sweat-absorbent, soft and comfortable. And there is a natural antibacterial substance in bamboo called bamboo kun, so bamboo fiber socks have natural antibacterial, antibacterial, anti-mites and deodorant special functions, which can effectively remove odors and make the feet dry and comfortable.

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2) Pure cotton、 socks, pure cotton socks have better breathability. Generally, foot odor is caused by poor breathability of socks and sweaty feet. Good cotton socks will not cause athlete's foot as long as they pay attention to hygiene.

What I want to remind everyone here is that no matter what socks you wear, you must pay attention to hygiene. In particular, socks for patients with sweaty feet should be clean and made of cotton, wool or other moisture-absorbing materials. They should not wear nylon socks. If necessary, they should be replaced frequently to keep their feet dry. Good hygiene is essential: wash socks and pads frequently, wash your feet frequently, change shoes frequently, and take disinfection measures to avoid foot odor.

Although the socks are small, they are useful but should not be underestimated. A good pair of socks and a pair of suitable socks can protect the health of the feet well and save us a lot of trouble.