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How to choose a pair of deodorant socks 2

Kobe Yin 2019-02-19 09:35:01
2. Socks have better elasticity.Elastic socks do not slip easily.Poor quality socks will be deformed after washing, resulting in fiber agglomeration, uneven parts, in the movement of the foot will cause damage.When buying socks, you should never buy socks with elastic fibers at the top.

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3. According to their own situation to choose thin or thick.Some people are more active, the daily amount of exercise is larger to choose a thinner socks,good air permeability, wearing more comfortable;Some people have ankle injury or cold, then choose a little thick socks, pay attention to warm.

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4. Athlete's foot sweat is caused by a variety of factors, not just by choosing the right socks.Also need to pay special attention to some living habits:

(1) Pay attention to cleaning, keep the skin dry, keep feet clean, preferably every night feet.Conditional word can be in bubble when the foot adds a few to suit oneself material.For example: table salt, foot bath salt, saffron and so on.

(2) Usually choose to wear comfortable high air permeability shoes, try to avoid wearing very stuffy shoes.

(3) If there is beriberi, you can choose to go to a regular drugstore to buy the treatment of beriberi ointment, adhere to the use.

(4) Do not eat easy to cause sweating food, such as pepper, garlic, etc.

(5) Do not be too irritable, keep a calm state of mind, emotional excitement is likely to induce sweating, aggravating foot odor.

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