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How thick socks to wear in winter?

Kobe Yin 2016-12-24 16:05:29

Many people have this idea: winter wear socks is not thicker the more warm? In fact, is not the case, socks too thick is not conducive to health. So how to wear thick socks in winter? What socks to wear in winter right?

With the gradual decline in temperature, some loose, warm cotton socks is indeed necessary to prepare. Many people believe that the thicker the warmer socks, the better, but if the socks thick but not sweat, will be very easy to wet, a lot of water will squeeze out the air in the socks fiber, due to less air this excellent insulation, Socks humid feet will make the cold, reflex caused by decreased respiratory resistance and colds. Winter indoor temperature is high, if the footwear too thick too tight, it is easy to sweat. Foot sweat if not promptly shed, will be absorbed by shoes and socks, not only will breed bacteria, resulting in athlete's foot, in the low temperature outdoor, shoes moisture cold, feet will feel colder. In addition, shoes and socks wrapped too tight, but also affect the foot of the blood circulation, which is the body does not feel warm and the reason.

Winter wear socks, the first socks to keep dry, because the socks after damp no longer warm. Therefore, people who love sweat out, should wear both breathable and moisture absorption of cotton socks or wool socks, should not wear moisture absorption and poor ventilation of the nylon socks. Easy to dry skin on the feet of the people, especially the elderly, but it is very necessary to wear poor socks moisture absorption. In comparison, wool socks absorb moisture the best, cotton socks second, nylon socks moisture absorption worse than cotton socks, and polypropylene socks almost no moisture absorption. Select socks, pay attention to distinguish, man-made fibers feel more slippery, cotton is relatively rough; opened socks to observe the surface, not a single brown dots or less, is combed cotton. General cotton socks will be appropriate to join the acrylic, to increase the elasticity of socks, cotton, more acrylic less socks, soft to the touch, good moisture absorption, wearing more comfortable.


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