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Christmas socks

Kobe Yin 2016-12-26 15:46:54

Christmas is a long-standing practice, is linked to Christmas stockings, in foreign countries, Christmas Eve, the children will put a pair of Christmas socks in bed, until the next day wake up, you will receive Christmas gifts. The first is a pair of red socks before, how much can be, because the Christmas stocking is to be used to gift. Then Christmas Christmas socks hanging custom is how come?

A long, long time ago there was a good-hearted aristocrat whose wife died of illness and left him and his three daughters. The nobility tried a lot of inventions, failed, but also run out of money, so they had to move to a farmhouse, his daughters have to cook, sewing and cleaning.

Flash a few years in the past, the daughters have gradually reached the age of marriage, the father has become more frustrated, because he had no money to buy dowry to the daughters.

One evening, the daughters washed their stockings and hung them in front of the fireplace. Saints Nicholas came to their home in the evening after they had known their father's condition.

He saw from the window the family have been asleep, but also noted that the girls stockings. Immediately, he took out three small packets of gold from his pocket, dropped from the chimney one by one, just fall in the girls' stockings.

The next morning, the daughters woke up and found their stockings filled with gold, enough for them to buy a dowry.

The noble and therefore can see his daughters married, from then on to a happy life.

Later, children around the world have inherited the tradition of hanging Christmas stockings. Children in some countries have other similar customs, such as in France, children will shoes on the fireplace and so on.

Ready Christmas presents at Christmas? Let's pick the Christmas stocking.

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