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How thick socks are the warmest in winter? (2)

Kobe Yin 2020-02-17 11:18:53
Many people have such an idea: the thicker thesocks in winter, the warmer!Not really. Thick socks are bad for your health.Sohow thick are your socks in winter?What kind of socks to wear in winter?Belowsmall make up for your introduction.

How thick are your socks in winter?

On the market can often see velvet sockspackaging will have "80D", "110D" and other words,experienced people say, the higher the number D, the thicker the socks.Indeed,D is Denier, a unit of fiber size, and the higher the number, the higher therelative weight of the fiber, the greater the thickness.Generally speaking, 60Dabove for autumn and winter socks.

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When wearing socks in winter, socks should bekept dry first, because socks are damp, a lot of water will squeeze out the airin the sock fiber, and air is an excellent insulation, it is more than 20 timeswarmer than water, so socks once damp is not warm.

So, the person that loves to give foot sweat,appropriate wears the cotton string socks or wool string socks that breathefreely and absorb moisture again already, unfavorable wear the nylon socks thatabsorb moisture and permeability are poor.To the person that the skin on thefoot is easy and dry, especially old people, need to wear the sock with poorerhygroscopicity very much however.In comparison, wool socks have the besthygroscopicity, followed by cotton socks, nylon socks are worse than cottonsocks, and polypropylene socks are hardly hygroscopicity.

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