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How should the foot perspire in winter do?

Kobe Yin 2020-02-19 09:36:10
Winter feet sweat should form the good habit of frequently wash feet, had better go to bed every night, had better use hot bubble foot before you go to sleep, can effectively alleviate the feet sweat, but also can effectively improve the body's ability to keep out the cold, often bubble foot can prevent foot diseases, may also help treat foot diseases.

The condition that some people often perspire without the influence of factors is called spontaneous perspiration, and it has a great relationship with the physical condition of the individual.Perspiration is generally associated with lung weakness, fluid leakage and other physical weakness, and god fatigue, fatigue, chills and other symptoms.You can observe the people around you, you will find that the constitution of the poor children or patients are more prone to spontaneous sweating.

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1. if the feet sweat, should first wipe the feet dry, and then change into clean socks and clean shoes.People who already suffer from sweaty feet should change their socks at least once a day and remember not to sleep in them at night.

2. sweat feet should wear acrylic chemical fiber socks, and do not wear cotton socks, cotton socks compared to chemical fiber socks poor permeability, so can be more quickly absorbed sweat.Wear shoes and socks should not be too tight, so as not to obstruct the foot of the blood flow.If conditional, still can daub on sufficient ministry appropriately a few antiperspire oil.

3. winter foot sweat to develop a good habit of washing your feet, keep your feet dry and clean, it is best to use hot blister feet every night, can treat foot sweat, but also can clean the garbage on your feet. Frequent use of hot feet, can ease the body fatigue, can help treat foot diseases, and can ease foot odor.

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