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Don't wear these socks!

Kobe Yin 2020-02-21 13:35:03
1. Non-wearing socks

Some socks have holes in them once or twice, which indicates that the wear resistance of socks is not up to standard.Socks need to be in important parts, such as heel, toe place to add high strength fiber, and use more scientific weaving technology to ensure wear resistance.The socks with bad wear resistance often use low-grade material, which is not only easy to wear out, but also likely to wear into the foot.

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2. Tight pantyhose

Affect lower limb blood supply.High pressure stretch socks wrap the leg leg too tightly can affect blood flow, harmful to health.So experts advise against wearing them for too long.

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3. Badly faded socks

According to the regulation, the dyeing strain of sock should achieve 4 class, namely color won't drop basically.However, many socks on the market are not qualified for the color fastness, some even have a level, the level is when a white clothing and dark socks washed together, the last two clothes color is difficult to distinguish.The problem caused by the discoloration of socks is not only the pollution of other clothes, but also the chemicals added to textile products in the process of dyeing and post-finishing, more or less contain harmful substances to human body.