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Four elements of high quality socks

Kobe Yin 2020-05-05 13:43:40
1.Sock-shaped appearance quality

The first thing consumers see is the flatness and fineness of the knitting patterns and graphics of the socks, the symmetrical and flat shape of the socks, and the cleanness of the socks packaging.

2.Intrinsic quality of socks

The inherent quality of socks directly affects the comfort of wearing is the first condition. The elastic head size has different standard ranges due to different types. The density and size standards of socks. Degree is best to reach the national standard four.

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3.feel of fabric

The fabric is an important factor affecting the grade of socks. The feel of the fabric is a method of evaluating the quality of the fabric. The feel of the fabric is closely related to the fiber material, yarn variety, fabric thickness, fabric weight, organization structure, and dyeing and finishing process. Especially pay attention to feel.

4.Ingredient content and description

The content of the socks product is closely related to the comfort of the product and the pricing of the product. Therefore, consumers should pay great attention to the labeling of the content of the product and the product instructions when purchasing socks. , Product standard number, product quality level, inspection qualification certificate, plant address, plant name, telephone and other eight items.

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