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How thick socks are the warmest in winter? (1)

Kobe Yin 2020-02-16 09:45:12
Many people have such an idea: the thicker thesocks in winter, the warmer!Not really. Thick socks are bad for your health.Sohow thick are your socks in winter?What kind of socks to wear in winter?Belowsmall make up for your introduction.

How thick are your socks in winter?

"Cold head cover feet, better takemedicine", these sayings are very reasonable.As the temperature drops,some loose, warm cotton socks need to be prepared.

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Many people believe that the thicker thesocks, the better the insulation effect, but if the socks are thick but do notabsorb sweat, it is easy to wet. A lot ofmoisture can be crowded out the air in sock fiber, because this kind ofexcellent heat insulation body is short of air, when sock is damp, can make thesole of the foot sends cool, reflex ground causes respiratory tract resistanceto decline and catch a cold.

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Winter indoor temperature is high, if the shoesocks too thick too tight, easy to sweat.If the foot sweat is not released intime, will be absorbed by the shoe socks, not only can breed bacteria, lead toberiberi, in the low temperature of the outdoor, shoe moisture after cold, feetwill feel colder.Additional, shoe socks is wrapped too tight, still can affectthe blood circulation of the ministry of the foot, this also is the reason thatthe body feels not warm.

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