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How long is the life of a pair of socks

2020-11-24 14:26:20

Socks are common items in life. Everyone knows that underwear needs to be replaced for a period of time. In fact, socks are the same. How long do socks usually need to be replaced?

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The lifespan of a pair of socks is three months. After three months, you should put on a new pair of socks. Even if they are not broken, you are advised not to wear them again.
Because cotton fiber is a porous material, there will be a lot of hydrophilic factors on the fiber, which is why cotton socks will absorb sweat from the feet and keep the feet dry. However, we must know that while hydrophilic factors bring us benefits, some mold microorganisms will also fall in love with them, causing a large number of water molecules on the cotton fiber to hydrolyze, which is specifically expressed in the color of cotton fabrics.For example: white socks will turn yellow.
Mold microorganisms are bad guys. They have strong reproductive ability. Ordinary washing can't eliminate them. If they accumulate for a long time, it will not only make the socks uncomfortable, but also threaten our health. If they are not cleaned normally , May cause some foot diseases.

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What should I do if my socks stinks after a day

Almost everyone wears socks every day! Some people change it once a day, some people change it every two or three days, and some people change it every half a day. So how often is it appropriate to change socks?
1. Normal feet need to change socks within one day at most. The normal toes mentioned here are feet without athlete's foot and sweating. Although the feet are normal and healthy, in the course of a day, due to the confined shoe space, bacteria are still very easy to breed, and a slight sweat is easy to breed bacteria, so even after the day, the socks are very clean It is refreshing, but there are still many bacteria invisible to the naked eye.

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2. The feet that are prone to sweating are best replaced once a half day. Athlete's foot is caused by fungus. The fungus grows more unscrupulously in humid and hot conditions. Even if there is no athlete's foot, the feet that are prone to sweating will also breed bacteria. If the body's resistance drops, it can also cause fungal infections. Therefore, if you have athlete's foot and are prone to sweating, it is best to change your shoes every half a day.
3. Socks must be replaced in time after exercise. Exercise can cause a lot of sweating, so change socks in time. If the socks are not replaced in time after they are wet, letting the socks dry by the body's own temperature will easily cause a cold.