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Do you know non-slip cotton socks?

2020-11-18 18:49:28

Anti-slip socks are printed with silicone on the socks to achieve the anti-slip effect. Silica gel is a chemical substance, Generally, AB two-component liquid silicone is coated on the socks. The liquid silicone is usually glued or screen printed. Coated on the cloth, after curing, the surface of the silicone has a certain stickiness, and it will feel sticky when touched by hand, which is the reason why it can stick to non-slip.

Do non-slip socks rub feet?
The non-slip silicone of the socks will not grind your feet,The manufacturer will consider its comfort. If you buy the non-slip sock, it must be of poor quality.

Our Jixingfeng Socks Knitting Factory has nearly 20 years of experience in craftsmanship and is an enterprise specializing in the development and production of new styles of socks. Our main products include men's and women's socks, Anti slip socks supplier China,trampoline socks, sublimation printed socks, baby socks, towel socks, sports socks, specialty socks, wristbands, headbands, handbags, etc.

Our The characteristics and advantages non-slip socks:
1. Non-slip, environmentally friendly, comfortable,
2. Absorb sweat, breathe is not suitable for feet or athlete's foot, foot odor, itching
3. Pure cotton material is healthy for the skin and safe for the environment.
4. Due to the direct sales from the factory, the quality is high and the price is competitive.
5. Good service: timely delivery and strict production inspection to ensure that you can get high-quality products.
6. Accept a small amount of cotton baby socks
7. Provide OEM and ODM services.
8. There are different styles, and new styles can also be developed according to customer needs.

Sports non-slip socks
For different sports, wear different sports shoes. Similarly, socks need to be matched. Wearing suitable sports socks during exercise will also reduce sports injuries.The anti-skid design of rubber particles on the bottom of the sports anti-skid socks can effectively prevent the athletes from slipping their feet when doing movements and protect the safety of the athletes.

Material:80% cotton 15% polyester 5% spandex
You can choose the color according to your requirements or put your LOGO on the socks
MOQ:1000 pieces for each size

Anti slip floor socks china

Invisible non-slip socks
There is anti-slip silicone on the inside, which is not easy to fall off. Invisible, not to squeeze your feet, and breathable but not stuffy! Cotton material, comfortable and breathable,  easy to match a variety of single shoes, shallow mouth design, elastic elastic socks, invisible effect is very good, although it is shallow mouth, you don’t have to worry about losing your heels

Material: 80% cotton 15% polyester 5% spandex
You can choose the color according to your requirements or put your LOGO on the socks
MOQ: 1000 pairs / color
Can be packaged according to your requirements

Softable newborn non slip socks Supplier

Baby non-slip socks
Anti-slip socks are baby socks with soft rubber patterns on the soles. Because the baby's center of gravity is unstable and he likes to run and jump, he can easily fall on a smooth floor, so he must wear non-slip socks.

Material: 82% cotton 13% polyester 5% spandex
Color: red,pink or as customized
Size: 0-12 month or as customized
You can choose the color according to your requirements or put your LOGO on the socks
MOQ: 1000 pairs / color
Note: Baby non-slip socks,Non-slip socks are outer socks, try not to wear them in shoes, and normal socks should be worn inside when wearing soft-soled overshoes. Floor wool and assembled foam pad help prevent slippage.