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How long is a middle tube socks?

2021-06-09 11:24:09

Socks can be divided into "short tube", "middle tube" and "high tube" according to their length. Taking our knees and ankles as a reference, short socks are best understood. They are about the length near the ankle, and there are shorter "boat socks" and so on.

So how long are middle tube socks? In fact, there is no stipulation on how many cm length socks belong to the tube socks, but according to the length of our legs.

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The range of middle tube stockings is relatively large, generally the length is from above the ankle to the length below the knee, so half of the calf (that is, the position of the calf) or the position just below the knee can be called middle tube stockings, calf socks and Knee-length socks belong to the middle tube socks; while the high-tube socks go beyond the knee to the thigh. Over-knee socks and thigh socks belong to the category of high-tube socks.

How to choose the length of the middle tube socks?

If you want to wear a good-looking tube socks, before choosing a style, it is important to choose the length of the socks that are the most thin and show the long legs.

1. If the thighs are thicker, don't try high-knee socks, which will make people focus on the "proud" thighs, without the effect of showing thinness.

2. The knee line is not beautiful, so don't let the edge of the socks get stuck there, otherwise it will only make the knee "swelling" more intense.

3. If there is more calf meat, don’t choose socks that are just below the knees, it will look a bit like the athlete’s "football socks"

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4. The "sphere of influence" of the middle tube socks is mainly concentrated on the short calf, so you are not afraid of thick thighs. As long as you choose a suitable style of middle tube socks, it can also help you make the calf line look better and look more slender.

The ideal length of the tube socks is 3-5 cm below the knee, which is very suitable for small girls. Paired with short skirts and shorts that are less than half of the thighs, they are very long. Jixingfeng supply knee high socks and thigh high socks on sale wholesale.