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How do men wear socks

Kobe Yin 2018-09-07 15:43:29
When wearing a suit and tie, the socks must be dark gray, blue, black, etc., which is not disrespectful in any situation.Men wear socks a lot of attention, can show a person's temperament and demeanor!

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The most important principle that men wear socks is to emphasize overall collocation. In most cases, long trousers will cover the vamp straight, and socks can only be seen in casual.At this point, its color, texture, cleanliness will be your grade to provide the basis.

The color of the men's socks should be basic neutral and darker than the pants.Men's socks are the most stylish and easy to wear when paired with a suit.A navy blue suit should go with navy blue socks.A beige suit with dark brown or brown socks.

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A common mistake in daily life is that when a man is sitting, a snow-white cotton sock emerges from between the trousers and the shoes.White and lightcolor cotton socks should be used to match casual style pants and loafers.When wearing suit, too long socks appear rustic, want to wear the short socks that length is below crus belly, and as far as possible pick not conspicuous light color;For pure white sports wear, socks must be clean white sports socks.

Make sure the length of the sock is enough so that you don't show your leg when sitting down or when one leg is draped over the other.

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