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Handsome boy all wear socks follow this style

Kobe Yin 2017-01-06 13:28:58

When it comes to socks, the boys at the end of the law is to choose the black socks or socks, but if you learn the following recipe, even with a simple, but also allows you to stand out from the passers-by!

The second step: change the material

Select the harmonic tone of the socks, you may wish to start adding thick knitted material, so that the sense of weight heavier socks.

But to pay special attention to is to choose such a stocking, pants with a rough should be a single product, such as tannins, leather, coarse woolen and so on.

The third step: to join the acceptance of a more conservative pattern

Such as stripes, polka dots or college wind Lingge and other patterns of socks.

Afraid of high-profile people, background, or you can choose a more secure blue, gray and other color coordination, and pants are also easier to match.

The fourth step: plain face socks

If you want to try bold and distinctive colors, you can choose such as yellow, pink, orange, red and other colors.

Especially wearing a simple ride to take the line, put on bright socks, is the overall shape plus a lot of points.

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