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Socks to choose wrong, how to wear all no use!

Kobe Yin 2017-01-05 16:55:26

When it comes to socks, the boys at the end of the law is to choose black socks or socks, but if you learn the following recipe, then even a simple match, but also allows you to stand out from the passers-by!

Men's socks fashion tips: from the single product to find clues.


Socks and pants can choose to coordinate the color, a little shallow or a little deeper can be. But the gray pants need to be coupled with light gray or carbon gray, inadvertently slightly exposed when the look looks more attractive than the white socks, elegant than black socks.

Is not to wear prominent socks on the good-looking, but also must be from the overall shape to find out the spider silk traces do with.

Can be a vest, shirt or jacket, find their color, choose the same color or pattern with the socks. Pants have lattice elements, socks, how can you miss it?

In addition to bright colors as the end, men’s socks fashion trends,accompanied by wild totem, amoeba, geometric stitching or cartoon images, direct incarnation of street skateboarding teenager.

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